Due to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak we’re unable to offer face to face consultations. We can carry out phone consultations for any clients wishing to stop smoking. To get support from us, you can call 01642 727579 or fill in our online form to refer yourself to us.

Smoking and coronavirus: what you need to know

Quit Well with us!

Stopping smoking is one of the single most beneficial things that you can do for your health.

We know that quitting smoking isn’t always easy. People who get support from their local stop smoking service find it easier to stop and are four times more likely to stay smokefree. Our Stop Smoking Advisors have lots of experience in helping people just like you to quit smoking.

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James had been smoking for over 46 years and was referred to the Vascular Clinic after having difficulties walking. It was having an impact on his daily routines, and he also frequently had pain at night, causing disturbed sleep. James was seen by his vascular consultant, Mr Stannard, in December 2016 and was strongly advised to quit smoking before having surgery, to reduce post-operative complications and improve his long term health.

He was referred to the Stop Smoking Service, seen by a Stop Smoking Advisor the same day, and both James and his wife quit the next day.

Making the decision to quit has had a huge impact on James’ daily life:
“Before, I couldn’t walk more than 50 metres at a time. From the house to the corner, that was it; I’d have to stop and rest my leg. Now I’m doing about two miles a day with the dog.”

James is now encouraging those around him to take the challenge and quit too!

Photo of JamesJames