Stop Smoking South Tees website Privacy Policy

This website is owned by Middlesbrough Council and is a project with Middlesbrough Council Public Health and Redcar & Cleveland Council Public Health. Any information which you send to us through this website, i.e. your personal details when completing the contact form, is managed as follows:

1. We will keep information no longer than we reasonably believe is necessary

We keep your data only for as long is required. Personal details which you submit through this website are sent directly to the Stop Smoking Service and are not stored by the website. Thereafter, the following retention of data applies.

If you are classed by us as ‘treated’ (meaning you’ve accessed the support of our service), then the records containing your personal data are active for two years. After this, the records are not active, however limited details are saved, which means that if you work with our service to quit again in the future, we will have access to some of the details of your previous quit attempt (date of previous quit attempt, and the provider you worked with).

If you are not classed as ‘treated’ (meaning you’re referred to the service but never access any treatment), then the records containing your personal data are retained for two years before being destroyed.

2. We will use information only for the purpose for which you sent it

The personal data you submit via the website will only be used for the purpose of contacting you about your quit attempt, and to form the basis of the records we hold about you while you work with the Stop Smoking Service.

3. We may use information for statistical analysis but in such a way that your identity will not be involved

To improve the user experience of this website we track your activity on this website. This statistical data generated in this way is completely anonymised.

4. Use of cookies
A number of cookies are present on this website. The purpose of these cookies is to enable the website to function correctly and improve your experience.

When you visit the website some essential cookies are set. There are also a number of non-essential cookies which you must accept before they are set on your computer or device. You can amend your preference for which cookies are set at anytime by clicking the cog available at the bottom of every page. The different cookies used on this site are explained below:

Cookie name Purpose of cookie Cookie expires
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5. Getting consent to use your data

You are required to give consent for us to use your data and therefore access treatment through the Stop Smoking Service. By entering your details on this website you are giving us permission to contact you in relation to quitting smoking. If any services require further consent from you, this will be explicitly asked for, and explained when required.

6. We will only collect information that is required

All of the information we ask for is required either to deliver your treatment via the Stop Smoking Service, or by the Department of Health for monitoring purposes. We do not ask for information which is not needed, thereby ensuring that we do not hold unnecessary information about you.

7. Website protected by https

This website is secured using https security. The https which appears at the beginning of our website address means that this website is certified secure, and therefore any data which is passed to us via this website is safe.

8. Storage of data given

Information that you input through this site is securely sent to the Stop Smoking Service. The data you submit will be sent in email form and stored in a secure inbox, and following this, in the Quitmanager system, which is used to manage the medical records of Stop Smoking Service clients. In both cases, the data will only be accessible to staff in the Stop Smoking Service. The data you submit is not stored anywhere in the website.

9. How we will contact you

We will ask you how you prefer to be contacted by the Stop Smoking Service. The options we provide are telephone, letter, SMS (text message), email, and voicemail. We will only contact you using the methods you have agreed to.

We will contact you throughout your 12 week treatment plan, and for up to 52 weeks after your quit date to check your progress.

10. Subject access request

At Middlesbrough Council we are open and honest about how we store your personal data and what we use it for. At any time you can complete a subject access request which will inform you what information we hold about you and how that information is being used. To make a subject access request please go to the data protection page on the Middlesbrough Council website. You will need to specify that your request for information relates to the Stop Smoking Service.

11. Right to be forgotten

As mentioned above, we will only keep data relating to you for as long as is required. At any point you have the right to request to be forgotten. This means that if requested we will, where possible, delete our records of contact with you.

To request the right to be forgotten please contact the Information Governance Team at Middlesbrough Council. Contact details are available on the data protection page on the Middlesbrough Council website.

For further information on the General Data Protection Regulation and Middlesbrough Council’s responsibilities under it please consult the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

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