We’ve corrected some of the most common misconceptions people have about stopping smoking so you know exactly what to expect when you join up to quit smoking with Stop Smoking South Tees.

Myth: I can quit smoking by myself

Fact: Research shows that you’re four times more likely to quit smoking with treatment and support from a trained Stop Smoking Advisor.

Support doesn’t mean sitting in a group and being judged; most of our advisors see people on a one to one basis. We also provide support and advice via phone, text, and email.

Myth: I have to smoke my last cigarette before seeing my advisor

Fact: Your advisor will discuss with you all of the options available to help you stop smoking. They’ll work with you to design your treatment plan, including agreeing a quit date, medication options, and coping strategies.

Myth: My advisor will shout at me if I smoke a cigarette

Fact: Our Stop Smoking Advisors are friendly and non-judgmental. If you’ve smoked a cigarette when you’re trying to quit, speak to your advisor and they’ll be able to help you.

If you start smoking again and want to have another go at quitting, you’ll always be welcome.

Myth: Stop smoking medication will take all the cravings away

Fact: Stop smoking medications will help to reduce the severity of cravings and withdrawal symptoms, if they’re used correctly.

Your advisor can talk you through all of the different medication options available, and can provide them on prescription, or vouchers for nicotine replacement therapy.

Myth: Using an e-cigarette means I can’t get support

Fact: We’re e-cig friendly and encourage the use of e-cigarettes.

Right now we’re running an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) pilot to help people quit smoking, and we’re looking for people to take part. Using an e-cigarette is 95% safer than smoking, because you don’t breathe in any tar or carbon monoxide. Find out how to take part in the e-cigarette pilot.