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Smoking and coronavirus: what you need to know

As well as the general health risks associated with smoking, research has shown that smokers are also more likely to suffer complications during and after surgery.

Why should I quit?

The benefits of quitting smoking before surgery include:

  • wounds and bones healing more quickly
  • a reduced risk of post-operative complications including breathing difficulties
  • a reduced need for further surgery
  • less time spent in hospital

When should I quit?

It’s best to quit about two months before surgery for the greatest benefit. It’s never too late though; even stopping a few days before your operation is helpful.

The Royal College of Anaesthetists advises that at the very least, you should avoid smoking on the day of your surgery to help avoid breathing problems during the operation.

All hospitals are smokefree sites, which means smoking isn’t allowed anywhere on the grounds, so why not take the opportunity to quit before your operation?

Want to quit?